Digital Marketing Research

Proper research is the heart and soul of successful online marketing and business, as the number of customers data you gather from the automated audits, tools or small handful of data sources determines your ability to improve your visibility. With the amount of consumer data available to marketers today, there is little reason to rely on assumptions, invest wisely and see greater return on investments. But unfortunately, many of the decision makers are failing to see the big pictures with improper data collection.

Support Tasks Innovatives has established itself as the best research authority in India on how your competitors are engaging through digital channels like web, social media, SMS, Search, Email Marketing and Mobile to reach a specific audience. Discovering what your targeted audience are exactly looking for is our mission so conduct a full spectrum of digital marketing research, using tools available publicly and our own proprietary toolkit for gathering information related to the industry, market trends, consumer behaviors, demographics and other relevant perfect data of the users to generate leads and ROI.

Its known fact Digital Marketing goes beyond the Digital Outdoor Ads, Display/Banner Ads, SMS/MMS and internet Mobile Phones. We know this and so analyze data from hundreds of sources those running into billions of touch points, use diverse research techniques like social media marketing and email marketing to make our clients gain proper insights on their business, make tactical decision-making, smart strategic planning to boost business effectiveness for their digital campaigns.

Few of our marketing research services at support Tasks Innovatives encompasses:

  • Competitor research and analysis
  • Analysis of website traffic and use
  • Conducting of online polling to improve messaging and brand strategies
  • Do some customer surveys and interviews
  • Follow systematized approach of marketing to produce qualitative and structural results for business decision making
  • Recommendations & next steps
  • Collect, examine and share only the applicable data to elevate your brand

Why us?

  • Provide objective research, data and advice to support you in improving your marketing strategy and execute it with confidence
  • Follow technology driven Integrated approach
  • Have good understanding and experience in working with B2B and B2C e-commerce sites
  • Take you through online market survey of your brand and record each and every response of the audience
  • Analyze response data and see that every report is made available to you

Wish to collect users data to determine whether a product/service will satisfy the needs of your customers? Talk to our experts today and they would be glad to assist you with the information you require to boost your business.