In this fast paced business world managing Administrative works can be a critical task to handle and without which we cannot operate the business in a smooth way. It is not feasible for the companies or an individual to carry out these works parallel with achieving business goals. We are witnessing more start up’s than ever in recent times and it can be a difficult task for them to handle Administrative works due to lack of experience or right people at work or resources.

So, to compensate all these works Administrative assistant comes into picture. Administrative assistant has a wide scope of work which includes different sorts of regulatory support to individuals and gatherings in business endeavors. These assistants can extend their services to almost all industries.

Support Tasks Innovatives provides customized administrative services for all types of businesses and individuals who are busy with their other prioritized works. Some type of industries legal industry may need specific knowledge about the domain to perform Administrative works in a efficient way. Almost all administrative assistant duties involve in managing and distributing the information inside the office.

Administrative assistant services can be differentiated as,


Bookkeeping involves companies in maintaining the financial transactions like vendor bills, customer invoices, bill payments, customer payments and deposits, other disbursements and withdrawals etc.

Online Research:

Online research may be done on a specific topic or task and maintaining the results in preferred format and making sure that the information is at highest accuracy levels so that companies can make effective decisions on the research results for the success of business.

Planning and Scheduling:

Scheduling of board meetings and planning lunch are also responsibility of Administrative assistant and it needs some research on vendor prices, inquiring about the availability of the individuals for the schedule.

Customize & Maintain your Database:

Creating the database according to the requirements and maintaining it for the business purposes like decision making, exhibiting it..

Create PowerPoint Presentations:

PowerPoint presentations are useful for sharing the company information like the progress of the company, future plans etc to the stake holders and also in the internal and external meetings.

Manage your Calendar:

Managing of all the meetings, conferences etc according to the schedule and availability by using different web apps and sending and responding to the meeting requests, prioritizing the tasks as per schedule, avoiding conflict between the schedules for a perfect day for a business by cross checking with the company or an individual is one of the key service.

Scheduling Appointments, Social Media Marketing, Travel Arrangements, Managing Inbox by responding to basic questions etc are also a part of Administrative assistant services.

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